Outstanding Yacht Design and Brokering

Choose the simplest path to your dream yacht at a great price – thanks to a worldwide network, years of experience, and competent advice.


Are “usual” boats just too “normal” for you? Are you looking for something unique that not everyone has? Or do you have your expectations that are not met by a standard yacht?


Then you should consider a new yacht design.

Just as you imagined it:

Pre-Built Yachts

Whatever you are looking for, shopping for a new yacht on your own is quite an adventure. If you would like to shorten this quest and get straight to feeling the ocean breeze on your face aboard your new boat, we can help you.

As a yacht broker agency, we are specialized in finding a yacht that suits your personal expectations and preferences. Whether the new boat is “off the shelf,” but from a builder that you would not have otherwise considered or whether the yacht is individually designed and built for you, we offer the shortest path to your dream yacht.

Naturally, our brokering services require no fees until the purchase is completed.

Dream becomes reality: 

Individual Yacht Design Deutschland

If a pre-built yacht does not live up to your dreams, then consider an individually designed yacht.


Yachtbroker Fleck is one of the best yacht design companies: from classic yacht design study to the finished masterpiece, from interior furnishing to technology. Thanks to our global network of industry experts, partner dealers, and shipyards, we can make every wish come true – while always keeping an eye on the best possible price.


During the entire process of brokering or construction, we serve as your expert contact person, and we will be personally there for you until your yacht is delivered.

We look forward to hearing from you:

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Enjoy an individual yacht design Deutschland!