Find a Boat for Sale Easily

One of the most common questions we hear from our customers on this topic is: What should I pay attention to when buying a used boat? This question can only be answered on a case-by-case basis.


But it is naturally understandable that you have questions. A boat or yacht is not a car. In fact, it can be a real problem to find yachts for sale as people generally only buy one or maybe two in their whole life. The market is large and, at first, appears overwhelming.

Moreover, not everyone necessarily has the experience to find a used boat for sale and appraise it realistically, attend to all the details in the purchase contract or expertly manage the price negotiations.


Even the attempts to find a boat for sale can often be tricky if you don’t have the right contacts in this industry. And yet your dream boat at a dream price may be waiting for you just a few hours away by plane.

Find Yachts for Sale with Yachtbroker Fleck

Benefit from our global network and find used boats for sale. Discover treasures that you would not otherwise find online.


Be sure that we know where to find used boats for sale. Thanks to our contacts with dealers and platforms, we will discover your dream yacht, no matter where in the world it may be. 


Do you want to find a fishing boat for sale? It’s an easy task as we can even find yacht not advertised online. The founder of Yachtbroker Fleck will personally accompany you to all viewings as a certified assessor. Therefore, you can be confident that no defects will escape your notice, and you can ask all your questions about the purchase right on location. 


Thus, we help you make a realistic, fact-based purchase decision.


We also assist you in the price negotiations. You can rely on us to negotiate a discount off the advertised price of 10-30%, depending on the model and condition. Naturally, we handle the purchase contract as well.

And what if you set your heart on a used boat located somewhere abroad?

Transport Your Dream Boat

With Yachtbroker Fleck, you profit from an international used yacht search, from our years of experience in the industry, and our expertise as assessors. Thanks to this full-service offering, you not only save hard cash, but you also save time and effort in acquiring your dream yacht.


If we find a boat for sale abroad, we will assist you with transporting the yacht and locating a berth as well, if desired. And how expensive is the whole process?


Despite our commission, which is only due on purchase, you will save an average of up to 30% off the sale price – thanks to our network and expertise.

Dream yacht can become a reality with the Yachtbroker Fleck. We’ll help you find boats for sale!